Make sure you don't get banned!


Server Rules

*Server rules are subject to change

1. No unauthorised Mods / Clients

a. Players may not use any modifications which provide gameplay advantages

b. Hacked Clients are not permitted

c. Skill enhancing mods are not permitted

d. Bots are not permitted

e. A complete list of permitted mods is listed below

2. No abusing bugs / glitches

a. Abusing server / gameplay bugs is not permitted

b. Abusing glitches is not permitted

3. IRL Trading / Scamming

a. Players may not offer or accept IRL currency / assets for in-game items (Excluding the official store)

b. Players are not permitted to scam other players within asset trading. (Including High/Low Balling offers)

4. Nuisance

a. Players may not Target other players

b. Players may not create builds intended to make large amounts of noise / lag

c. Players may not trap others

5. Griefing

a. Players are not permitted to grief another player's land

b. Players are not permitted to steal assets from other players

7. Alts

a. Alts are permitted with restrictions

b. Only 2 alts per player

b2. If banned with other players on the same network, provide evidence of other players.

c. Alts are not permitted for ban-evasion

8. Chat

a. Keep chat PG

b. Keep public chat English only

c. No advertising of external servers / services

d. No Hatespeech

d2. No Racism / Sexism

e. No spam.


g. Respect other players

Permitted Mods:

- Armor & Status Effect HUD

eg. Armor Status, Effect Status, 5Zig, etc

- Animation Mods (Cosmetic Only)

- Client Optimisations

eg. Optifine, BetterFps, etc

- Gameplay Recorders

eg. Replay Mod

- Shaders

- Crafting Assistant

eg. TMI, NEI, JEI, etc.